Refund Policy

All requests for refunds need to be made in writing and be accompanied by supporting documentation where applicable.

BARS Training Australia will make a full refund of all fees paid (including enrolment fees) should a course be discontinued or cancelled.

Should the student desire to take an alternative course with BARS Training Australia Pty Ltd, fees will be fully transferable to that course. In the event of a course for which the student was enrolled being unavailable or no acceptable alternative course is available, fees are fully refundable.

Should a student cancel an enrolment with BARS Training Australia Pty Ltd, the following conditions will apply regarding a refund of fees:

  • The enrolment fee of up to $100 is non-refundable unless otherwise stated;
  • Cancellation up to two week prior to the commencement of training, a full refund (including appropriate enrolment fee) will be given;
  • Cancellation up to one week prior to the commencement of training, a full refund (less the appropriate enrolment fee) will be given;
  • No refunds or transfer will be given for cancellations or discontinuations after course commencement date or after exclusion for unsatisfactory attendance or behaviour, except where extenuating circumstances may be found to exist*;
  • Course is considered to have commenced upon receipt of course materials or upon a student first accessing course materials online;
  • Students will have three (3) months to complete their course from this date unless extenuating circumstances exist;
  • Should a student fail to demonstrate extenuating circumstances after this three (3) month period, they may be deemed to have unsatisfactory attendance and withdrawn from the respective course.
  • Confidentiality of student information will be ensured;
  • Refunds will be paid within one (1) week of the claim being agreed.

All fees paid in advance are kept in a number 2 account (deposit account) to ensure sufficient funds are always available for refund.

* Extenuating circumstances: Should a student have to discontinue a course for legitimate reasons, such as sickness, exceptional family circumstances, a pro-rata refund will be given less a 10% administration fee.